about catherine

hi y'all!  i'm catherine, the creator behind catherine cochran art.

i enjoy creating art, whether it is something you or your wall can wear!

it is essential to me to accessorize, which is where the idea for fun colored bracelets was born. if i tell you i am wearing a t-shirt and jeans, i guarantee you this also includes five bracelets and possibly an earring. my bracelets are a simple {and affordable} way to add color to complete your outfit. 

my bracelets include both an orange and pink bead. when i started making bracelets my daughter, louise (but we call her weezie), insisted on helping. she wanted to add her [pink] and her brother lee's [orange], favorite colors. i agreed!

the orange + pink are now my signature beads on all my bracelets.

i hope you love the things i create as much as much as i enjoy making them! 

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